Wednesday the 13th of October 2010

A bug has been found and eliminated in the game. It crashed the game at the end just after the credits.
A new version can be downloaded in the Download section.
Added a version of the game for AROS.
To come, a Linux version ...

Thursday the 30th of September 2010

After more than one year of hard work, Luis Barrachnia, Mihály Horváth, Steeve Fenton and Myself, David Vassart, are proud to present you their baby, the final version of The Goonies but don't wait a second go and download the full game on the download page. we really hope you'll have as much fun playing this game than use while developping it. Don't hesitate to give comments on the contacts page.

Wednesday the 29th of September 2010

Yeah, everything is finished, the installer is ready to be put on the site, we just make some corrections on the readme.txt then the game will be freely available for download. Isn't it a cool news ? Don't forget to tell it to your friends.

Wednesday the 25th of Augustus 2010

Added in the contact section, three links to three forums (french, spanish and english) where you can talk about the game, ask your questions or be angry because we take too much time to release it :o)

Thursday the 11th of Augustus 2010

Yes, we've found a talented musician so all the soundtracks are done and the sfx too. we are now at the final test stage and everything seems to work fine. Stay tuned.

Tuesday the 15th of June 2010

Hi every goonies, the site isn't often feeded (it is the less that can be said) but a lot of work has been done since the last update.
The game is nearly finished, every level are playable, the intro and ending are there too and the playability is great, you'll be able to try it very soon, so be a little more patient.

Friday the 1st of January 2010

The website is online. You can find a demo of the game in the downloads section

Thursday the 7st of January 2010

Bug fixed in demo. You can find the correct demo in the downloads section